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I had the honor of designing a logo design towards the end of 2021 for an up and coming social media influencer known as Kirah Divine. She covers topics of her experiences vlogging, traveling, building a sustainable business, and more.

Role - Logo Design
Year - 2021

Client - Kirah Divine


My client was currently in a rebrand of her social media presence. In addition, she never had a logo design for herself. In 2021, she finally made the shift to become a full-time social media influencer.

The challenge for me as her contracted designer would be to define her persona as an influencer to help craft her an appropriate logo design.


I was able to work through several sketches after going through a one-on-one client discovery call with Kirah. The final logo design became a monogram of her initials.

Inside the letter "D" I placed a butterfly. The graphic of the butterfly is placed to represent Kirah Divine's brand attributes of faith, passion, expression, authenticity, evolution, and more.

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