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I had the honor of designing a logo design, website, event banner, and flyers in 2022 for an up-and-coming writer and book publisher, Thomas Dear. He recently wrote a book titled "Teddy Makes Cents" and started a book publishing company named Dream Big Publishing.

Role - Logo Design, Website Design, Art Direction, Branding
Year - 2022

Client -


My client was currently in need of a logo and website design for his publishing company. In addition, he needed promotional material to promote his upcoming book signing.

The challenge for me as his contracted designer would be to define an art direction for his publishing company as a new up-and-coming writer and book publisher.


I was able to work through several sketches after going through a one-on-one client discovery call with Mr. Dear. The final logo design became a graphic of a book with thinking bubbles with the text of Dream Big Publishing.

The image is used to represent the brand’s values of creativity and inspiration. Seeking to create a logo design that is appropriate, distinctive, and simple. A graphic image of thought bubbles is used for a recognizable, distinctive shape. The image is subtly used to represent the brand’s values of creativity and inspiration.

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