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In 2021, I acquired a new client Dr. Glenn T. Miller via word of mouth referral from a current client. Dr. Glenn (aka Dr. Wellness) is a Wellness Doctor, Life Coach, Chiropractor, and Motivational Speaker.

Role - Social Media Design
Year - 2021

Client -


Dr. Glenn was seeking to spruce up his social media presence on Instagram. At the time, his Instagram page lacked a consistent look and feel for his viewers. 

The good thing was that he had his own logo and brand colors. However, the client lacked consistency in a weekly theme. So, the plan became to reintroduce Dr. Glenn to the public via his Instagram page.


My plan of action was to provide Dr. Glenn with new social media graphic templates that could be reused in the future for a consistent theme. His branded colors of black and gold are now utilized across his Instagram page.

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