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In 2018, I had a great opportunity to design my very first professional magazine for a local magazine in St. Louis, MO. The magazine company was known as Swing Magazine. The client was dedicated to producing a quarterly magazine promoting the hair care and skincare industries in
the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Role - Magazine Design, Art Direction
Year - 2018

Client - Swing Magazine


The magazine company was a brand new and was seeking art direction for a professional, creative aesthetic. The client needed a dependable designer to help shape and craft a magazine edition that would assist in establishing a credible magazine.


The client was very interested in having an impressive cover that could set the tone for the first edition of the magazine. I was able to develop a creative cover that was bold and interesting.

I worked closely with the client to create the cover. In addition, I developed a creative layout for the inside pages to draw interest for readers.

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