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In 2021, I had the pleasure of redesigning the logo for the Side Hustle Honors Awards. Side Hustle Honors is a special awards ceremony held in St. Louis, MO. It recognizes many "Side Hustlers" across the St. Louis area who run successful side hustle while maintaining a full-time day job.

Role - Logo Design, Branding
Year - 2021

Client - Side Hustle Honors


The overall challenge for this project was to redesign their previous logo. In addition, the client did not have any brand guidelines.

So, I decided that I would also give them a brand style sheet. This style sheet would act as a structured document for my client to lean on in the future for branding purposes.


I successfully delivered the client with a professionally redesigned logo and their own personal brand style sheet. In addition, the client hired me back in 2022 to design a logo for their Side Hustler Jr. Awards.

This award ceremony will highlight exceptional teens and young adults who are successfully running a side hustle while pursuing their educational endeavors. These side hustlers will also be high-achieving students.

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